Please share some of the popular color schemes you seen at weddings, heard about or would love to see for this year?

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I think I'll go for an aqua green this 2013. And I am planning to have that on my own wedding day. ^_^

I think the most used color for a wedding theme this year is purple, teal and brown. :)

Over here in the U.K we are seeing lots of mint green and different shades of purple.

I think that white is the usual color for weddings, especially on the brides Dress. But not necessarily for the rest of the of the ornaments.

There are a lot more colors to choose from and so many ideas to make your special day a time to remember.

The most important thing you should not forget, is that this is you, this your day. If you don't like it, nobody will. so pick your favourite color, use it wisely and enjoy!

I have been seeing alot of black. When I hear that the colors are black I also envision a gothic look. All the weddings I have seen that include black on their color scheme have all been really elegant looking.

I think Mint is a big color this season! However I still think alot of brides are choosing the classic black and white wedding themes :)

According to what I saw this morning, black and white is going to be big. That makes me so happy!

Hello everyone! I'm curious to know what people are doing for colors next year. Any 2014 brides out there? Let's get this thread going again!

Because I make handfasting cords, I ask every couple I meet about the colors they've chosen for their wedding. Their answers have inspired me to combine colors I might not have thought to do otherwise.  Based on their responses, here are color combinations I'm working on now: deep purple, coral and pink / aqua, peach, and ivory / eggplant and lavender / burgundy and moss / peach and gray / purple and gray / purple and white / black and white / black and pink / pink on pink on pink / and my new favorite -- soft orchid and dark chocolate.  Yum.

I super love purple and pink


Indigo color is mostly being preferred. It is one of the most popular color nowadays.


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