What are your favorite wedding blogs or news sites?

Calling all Brides and Vendors - Can you please tell me what your favorite wedding blogs or news sites are? I have my own favorites but I want to make sure that I'm incorporating your favorites. I'd like to feature some of them on the BridalTweet homepage. Thanks for your help!

- Christine

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Check out my wedding blog - it's full of tips on how to prevent wedding dramas, the latest in wedding fashion, tips from a professional NY makeup artist on wedding makeup, and some gorgeous venues and vendors that you should check out.

Hi Christine,

But of course, we all L-O-V-E our own blogs the best, right? My plug is for www.simplysavvyevents.blogspot.com

Thanks for asking!
My mom always said "self-praise is no recommendation," but somehow in this particular case, I don't think she'd object --www.societyweddingsonlinemagazine.blogspot.com

Hope you like our "magazine!"
As others have said, mine -- wedding-scoops.com -- is my fave. Wedding-Scoops.com is a place to pose questions, find answers, vent and read stories about the scary, exciting, fun and stressful period before, and after, saying "I do." I provide tips and inspiration in the form of articles, slide shows, q & a pieces, all of which I write as do other writers.
you should definitely check out www.simplystephy.com , its not based on weddings exactly but really great makeup tips, so you can do your own makeup (stay within your budget) and get your skin perfect for any special day. I recently just subscribed and shes is really sweet as well, so you can message her with requests. I actually asked her to do a wedding makeup tutorial last night!!
best of luck :)
The outsiders in Spain that love the blogs mentioned and we have a fabulous wedding blog, well we think so!!!www.theweddingdecorator.blogspot.com
The Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul, MN sells to thousands of brides across the nation & posts interesting wedding topics on their blog, My Wedding Chat. While many of the blogs are product based, they also include real weddings, featured brides, and inspiration and trends. They also have a Vendor Locator with a nationwide list of seamstresses and other wedding vendors!

This blog will tell you all about proposals, party themes and ideas, gifts for bridesmaid, grooms and much more.

Visit website for all wedding products. Want to save a little? Just for you I have this Discount Code! Take 10% Off your total order just put the code - sandra10 at checkout

All For Your Wedding

Know more about weddings and learn more about proposals, gifts, party ideas and more, visit the blog below

Wedding blog


My favorite site for weddings is {Red-i} :) Here's the link http://www.redibychelsea.com/blog/

I love them 'cause I LOVE JEWELRY and they offer the most exquisite pieces!!!!!!!!!!! Its really great for a once-in-a-lifetime thing. And since I can get sappy at times, I've been thinking of giving the pieces I get here to my future children (if any)! So there, I hope you can include it in the homepage! Thanks!! :)

This is my favorite wedding blog: http://dressfame.blogspot.com


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