Hello Wedding Professionals,

I need your help!  I'm preparing a blog post that will be published next month, which will be called: 2019 Wedding Predictions.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what those predictions and trends will be.  I'll pick the 10 best predictions, and I'll feature 10 wedding businesses!  If I choose your prediction, I'll be sure to mention your business name and link to your website.  So, this is a great way for you to get a ton of free exposure for your business.  

Here's what I need you to do...

  1. In the discussion thread below, please share one prediction for 2019 weddings along with one beautiful photo.  Share your predictions about things like color trends, fashion, decor, music, etiquette, etc.  
  2. Be sure to include your business name as well as a link to your website and/or blog.

Here's an example...

2019 Weddings Will Experience Dramatic Opulence.  Lush, romantic linens and floral arrangements set the tone for an opulent affair. When designing, you want to add that 

"drama" piece - whether it be in your intricate table linens, a gleaming candelabra, bride and groom chairs, or hey, even a wall of flowers! Also, keep the look consistent. Keep centerpieces of the same height, one style of chairs, and lush tablescapes. There is a wonderful tone of softness in these looks.  In the picture to the left we see a dramatic, visually stimulating table. But look closer - doesn't the decor convey romance and a certain sense of whimsical? The "Dramatic Opulence 
wedding trend is all about creating an experience within the event.

- by From Allure Party Rentals

And here's a look at last year's 2018 wedding trends predictions.

Thanks in advance for your help.  I can't wait to see what you think will happen to weddings in the New Year!

Christine Dyer, Creator and Founder of BridalTweet

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Raw gemstones and pearls will be a big trend for 2019



Today's modern couples are looking for newer registry options since most of them are getting married later in life and almost 76% of them live together. They already have the household items such as pots and pans and don't need any more stuff. The trend is moving towards something more meaningful and memorable such as original art for the couple who has all the traditional items.

Original art makes a personal and meaningful wedding gift. Unlike blenders and toasters, art is a gift that you, your friends and your family will remember forever.

Art is a great conversation piece and it will remain with you as your love and marriage prosper. Your kids will grow up with it and it could perhaps become a family heirloom and increase in value.

Mishkalo Wedding Registry ( www.mishkalo.com)

2019 Weddings will be filled with romance. 

Every aspect of the wedding breakfast will be romanticised by our Insta and Pinterest savvy brides.  Long gone are the days of the wedding cake sat on a small round in the corner of the room.  Brides will bring in/ hire dressing tables and pieces of furniture to make the cake even more of a central part of their day - it will become a show stopper, surrounded by flowers and smaller sweet treats.

by Sam Lloyd The Wedding Owl www.theweddingowl.com


Hi Sam, 

That is beautiful, and its a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

2019   "Why Fuss Over Footwear on your Special Day"

Stylish, Simple, Unique, Creative.... Barefoot Hand Crochet Sandals...

A  great option for a beach or garden wedding.

Haunani Rossi owner    Kauai Aloha Weddings

Rainbow Photography (photo credit)


With the advent of same sex marriages, I think that white, cream and ivory separates, including trouser suits, will feature prominently in 2019's wedding trends.

Pearl at https://www.boudoir-prive.co.uk

Statement Wedding dresses with floral lace detailing

Brides will continue to revel in the timeless elegance of lace, the only difference being that they prefer the modern, sophisticated version of statement 3-D floral lace appliques instead of traditional detailing. Strategically placed floral lace appliques of larger dimensions will embellish the bodice, train or waistline, adding beautiful textural finish to bridal gowns. As the wow factor of the bridal look, these intricately detailed, luscious lace motifs that bloom on beautiful silhouettes will create whimsical drama that works for any venue or theme.


Modern minimalist wedding dresses

Uncluttered, no-fuss wedding dresses are bridal favorites in 2019, with designers churning out their versions of gowns inspired by the royal wedding. Featuring clean lines that add definition to simple sleek silhouettes, these minimalist wedding dresses will allow the bold, modern woman to shine from within. Whether it is a 90’s style slip dress or a more free-spirited variation, these dresses put all focus on the bride, giving her the attention that she deserves.


Bolder, deeper colors are going to be a hot trend for the 2019 wedding season, with examples being hunter green and deep purple! These colors will allow for grooms and groomsmen to really stand out against the typical pastels that are seen during the spring season and make for great fall/winter colors as well. Hunter green and deep purple are colors that work for any season and can be styled in various ways.

- SprezzaBox

I predict that the brides will use gowns with less bead work and other accents due to the bridal gown worn for the royal wedding. I am already seeing this with prom kids. We don’t have a website yet but we’re on

Facebook.com/ladyelizabethdesigns or instagram.com/ladyelizabethbykaren

this picture is one of my designs 


I think that the trend for 2019 will be towards more personalized weddings. Today's couples want to brand their wedding whether it is a small or a big wedding. They want a personal touch and want everything from invitations, venue, flowers, guest list, food, registry and even 'Thank You' Cards to reflect who they are as a couple and represent their unique personalities. They want  meaningful memories built on their tastes and values and who they represent.

Especially when it comes to their registries, couples want more meaningful gifts that will add value and enrich their lives via experiences or something like art.  Their guests will also feel good to contribute towards something meaningful and which represents the couple and their personalities.

By Charu Swaminathan  

Mishkalo-  The wedding registry for art  

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