Tell me what you did with your flowers? Did you just leave them or toss them in the trash?

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I'd like to know too. lol
lol, we actually had Brides give them back to us and we donated them to Nursing Homes, that was one of the best things that happened in that nursing home. We had picked one that was State run and we decided that because those people don't get much to cheer them up, we would do it with the flowers. We had some great Thank you notes from the residents
You can donate them to chuches and retirement homes, or back to the florist where she can offer them at a very discounted price to a worthy bride who couldnt afford them otherwise. I think flowers are too beautiful to be tossed!
love those ideas....the elderly would love fresh flowers....great idea....
Besides donating, some brides give them to special guests at their wedding or to a lucky recipient by placing an item such as a coin under one chair at their table. During the course of the evening, the band leader or dj or even bride will announce it. They get to take away something special from your wedding (besides the favors). Cheers!
Very great idea, I will suggest that to my Brides
The couple can also elect not to toss but to preserve the bouquet as a display
I was so excited to be married and preparing to go on my honeymoon, I just let my Maid of Honor do what she wanted with them! I stumbled across They recycle your wedding bouquet into high quality hand crafted paper that is used to to create thank-you acknowledgment note cards.
Turn them into rose beads and rose bead jewelry to keep forever! My company can do this for you. It's a lovely way to remember your special day with scented rose bead jewelry. This is my first post, so I hope I haven't violated any rules by posting this. But it is a good answer :).
Do not throw your beautiful bouqet away! I specialize in FLORAL PRESERVATION!
I can transform you flowers in to a unique, sentimental work of art!
There are lots of frames & styles to choose from that will fit in your budget.
DO NOT FREEZE YOUR FLOWERS. Put them in the fridge right away untill you decide what you want to do with them. I am located 15 min out of NYC & offer a pick up service.
Any questions feel free to contact me.
All florists & wedidng planners, I would love to work with you & send you out some cards.
I would love to suggest my services. This is probably a good time, months after you had the question about the flowers. I'm very curious to hear if you had any positive results with responses. MY SERVICES: I make flowers. Believe it or not they are made of ribbon. When you first see them ribbon does not come to mind, at all. This is a very old technique used and loved by Queen Victoria. Which is why it has a Victorian look. Even the flappers used these really gorgeous flowers to adorn their garments. This is true couture. I can recreate your bouquet. Probably there are petals missing, broken or bent stems, pollen that had ventured places it wasn't intended to be from your bouquet? Well, preserving the bouquet, replacing all or even some of the elements is very easily done with my flowers. There are many different types of ribbon that are used with my technique. Then, you could place them in a shadow box and hang on the wall. Or one of my brides took her bridal headpiece that I made for her and placed it under a pedestal glass dome and it is on her dining room table. She had that idea as soon as we started designing her piece. The piece is on my site, on a model, (Joans bridal headpiece, she is also in my TESTIMONIALS PAGE). Hope this helps.

Donating the flowers to the nursing home is a beautiful idea. I was a nursing assistant at two nursing homes. Those people have so little to look forward to there. Pray for them, too, they are so neglected. I did give some of my flowers to them, too.
God Bless,
Michele Eddins
Floral Compliments
Yes, donating to the nursing homes is a fabulous idea and I have done that as well. It is so gratifying to
hear how grateful the staff is to have these to share with the residents. Since I work from my home,
I use flowers not used in the current or last order and make up arrangements for my neighbors and
give them away. I also donate some to the community clubhouse. This creates a lot of positive word-of-mouth
and some increased business.


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