Tell me what you did with your flowers? Did you just leave them or toss them in the trash?

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Keep a few of the petals then put them in a picture frame to hang on your wall. 


    I think that you can carry your flowers after weddings If the flowers is artificial other wise you can toss the flowers in trash .

No matter what you do, just don´t toss them. Flowers are such a beautiful gift of nature, to waist them just because the wedding is over.

All of these are great ideas! I hadn't thought about what I'd do with my bouquet afterwards... I like the ideas of donating the flowers to a retirement home or recycling them into thank you notes the best!

I would take my bouquet somewhere that they can be preserved. I'm sure they can be put in some sort of container. They may dry up, but still stay in tact. Something worth looking into. I got married in Jamaica and wasn't allowed to bring them back to the US.

I hate the thought of all the waste (especially since most flowers are SO bad environmentally) so I'm using non-florals. Let me see if I can find some pics.

Here's some:

I also adore button bouquets. Have you seen those? You can keep them forever and they're much less expensive than flowers.


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