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The deeper blue that is...thanks!

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I like the yellow inspiration board you did. Yellow works really well with that blue.

I also think that purple wold look good with that blue

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That's awesome Steph!
Uh thanks Glen for you "opinion", and your advice...I stated that I was only referring to the blue not the feathers.
Actually I think peacock is a pretty popular theme right now for weddings and if done correctly I think the iridescent on iridescent can look really nice.

Soulful Engagements
Thanks again Steph! That centerpiece brings it all together!
What a gorgeous table!

In answer to the question about what colors go with the peacock blue -- look closer at the peacock and see the different colors that are already there, yellow, green, deeper and lighter blues.
I am leaning towards yellow but it has to be the "right" yellow. Thank gawd my wedding isn't this year! lol
Building off of the blue and purple bouquet and the whole peacock theme I created this inspiration board. Hope you like it!

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I can't take my eyes off the shoes. lol
Hi Ty, great colour theme, here are some jewelery ideas for you and or the bridal party, remenber as well as the yellow works with the blue so will gold.


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