Hello everyone and happy New Year.
I run a limousine service in Charlotte called Road Trip and need a little advice. Have you dealt with any limo services that really stood out or caught your attention and why did they stand out? As a wedding and event professional do you have any particular concerns or needs dealing with transportation that for some reason aren't well addressed?
I appreciate any feedback you guys can offer.

Best Regards,

Terrence Boykin

When you call, we show up.

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For me the most important thing about our transportation was that they were on time. The second most important thing was that the driver knew where he was going and how to get there. Other things that were also important were a clean well maintained car and friendly and helpful driver.
My friends very much praise Black Diamond seattle town car. One of the greatest pluss - politeness of the personnel and the professional help at a choice of a limousine.
Presence of own motor-vehicle pool and submission of a limousine in time has the important role also.


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