What is your workhorse camera and what is in your bag you can't live without!?

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I have since upgraded to the Pentax K-20d, it does amazing work for me!
Nikon D300s. I just got it in December. Prior to that I was working with a D40X, but it was producing good work! Eventually I would like a D700.
I LOVE all things Nikon. have a D300 and next month getting the D700. its not a lens if it isnt VR and my favorite is the Nikkor 70mm-200mm VR11- though for creative shots my wide angle Nikkor 12mm-24mm VR and myNikkor fisheye. I do have a couple Tamaron lens i use for backup. 3 SB flashes (SB 800 and 900) as well as a remote system. a gazillion cards and Enlope batteries (being GREEN is not just a buzz word for us!) but my i use most of the time lens-Nikkor 18mm-200mm VR. but have a fixed 50mm in there for some low lighting. And for editing LR3 PS5 and OnOne.
and my bag has wheels- is red and ROCKS!!!!


Canon 5D MK II

Canon 450D


Favorite- Canon 70-200 F/4L

Second Favorite - Canon 50mm F/1.8

Canon 28-98, Tamron 28-80 super-wide,

18-55 IS and 55-250 IS (for the second body)


Bracket mounted 580EX II Speedilite on camera, 2 wireless off camera (Alzo Digital) and some generic spots if I need a constant light source.


UV filters on ALL my lenses, Polarizing/ND if the situation calls for it

So rarely can I put a camera down during a shoot that I have failed to invest in a nice tripod, But i do use a Canon monopod to keep some of the weight off from time to time


Trying to sell an unused Nikon d40 with 18-55(kit lens)  and a 55-200VR


i just use canon digital camera. but now, there go pro is popular, what do you think?

i love canon camera...

wah.. nice post arielle haze


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