What is the best way to narrow down a guest list?

Hello everyone! I am just starting out and so far my almost-hubby and I have almost 600 people on our guest list including coworkers and family and friends. How do you narrow it down?? There's no way we can afford more than maybe 150.

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Wow, 600 is a huge number!

I would cut out coworkers, unless they're very close friends.

Very distant family members don't need to be invited, IMO. For instance, family members you've never met don't need to be there.

You don't need to invite everyone you've ever known, just the people who you are closest with. You can't honestly say you're close with 600 people.

I want a really small wedding, so I'm just inviting the essentials: immediate family and my closest friends. My family is pretty small, so that's not a huge problem for me. I'm not inviting every single aunt, uncle, and cousin because I'm not close with some of them and there are some family issues with a few of them. My fiance's family is slightly larger than mine, but I think we'll still keep the guest list under 100.

It's true, we're not close with all of them. But we would love to share the day with them. We moved around a lot and made friends everywhere even though a lot of them are long distance now. Cutting coworkers is a good thought. I just didnt want to make office drama.

Wow Nina  that is an amazing number. I don't think I know that many people. Your wedding day is a special day and it is understandable that you also want to share it with all your friends and family but sometimes that's just not possible.  Like Lizzy says start by cutting coworkers, and if you have to invite coworkers choose that you are close to you.

Start by making a new list. Start the list off with immediate family members and see where your numbers are then. Do not list family members that you've never met or have only seen once or twice.  Cut those that are being invited just because, and only add individuals that are truly near and dear to you. Trust me people will understand that everyone cannot be invited to your wedding.

Good luck and happy planning

You also have to take into consideration what you can afford. You do not want to create any additional debt than you need to, because you don't want to cause drama as you so nicely put it.

Thank you. Wonderful suggestion to start over adding people to a new list instead of trying to delete people from this list.

You're welcome. Good luck Nina!

600 reduce to 150

wow, it is hard to decide, maybe you can only choose your family and best friends, you can send others wedding live recording.

Thanks. It's slowly but surely coming together :)

For anyone with the same problem, this has helped put things in perspective for me: http://weddings.gatheringguide.com/ac/getting-started-planning-your...


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