Almost every bride has a wedding shower. It's a great way for both sides of the family to get to know eachother and the bride. And of course let's not forget gifts and cake! What would you want your hostess to know is important for your shower. Is it the location, to play games or not to play, the cake or is it the food?

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I think it's important to enter a wedding shower with a very open mind, and be mindful of not only your actions and awareness of others, but be sensitive to others awareness and perceptions as well. Follow the "golden rule".... times two!

I think people should actively participate in the event and games or activities, not just be a wall flower or only "hang out with who you know."

And most of all, put on your best face and show your utmost support for the bride & groom, as its their day and as part of their happiness together, they want to see their families happy and interacting in the spirit of love too.
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