Its my best friend's wedding and I'm going to be one of the bridesmaid. We have decided to wear navy blue colored long gowns along with a floral tiara. I saw a great collection of stilletos and heels on hype dc but I'm confused on the color and style of heels I should be wearing with the outfit. Please help me choose!

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Hi Brianna,

Navy is a great color for a wedding.  Picking a shoe to wear could be simpler then you think.  What month is the wedding and how hot or cold is it going to be that time of year.  If the weather is going to be warm I suggest go with a strapy sandal  with a comfortable heel height.  The dress is long so I think the sandal will balance it out, if the weather is going to be too cold for sandals then just find a comfortable heel shoe. Now to answer your question about color.  You can choose a metallic color, gold or silver will look stunning, just make sure the metallic color you choose matches all your accessories.  If you don't like metallic then go with a pop of color, maybe a hot pink.  If you choose a pop of color remember to add that color in your bouquet to be consistent.  If you are not comfortable with a pop of color then you can go with a nude color shoe or a navy shoe to match the dress.  Hope I have been helpful.  Good luck.


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