I am getting married August 27, 2011 at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.  We all know how hot and humid it can be in August.  The one idea for a favor that keeps coming to mind are hand fans.  I am also thinking of either purchasing several bottles of spray sunscreen and sitting them around, or purchasing large bottles and filling up smal individual bottles with a personalized label on them. 


I know the gentleman will NOT be interested in the hand fans.  What should I consider for the guys?  Will they even want favors?



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Hi Andria,


Congrats on your upcoming wedding.


At Ivory Pearl Bridal Mall, we offer some buri fans that are not gender specific.  The ribbon could be removed and something more general like a distressed DIY rose could be added instead. You can find the buri fans at: http://tinyurl.com/24mt92r


You can find directions on making the roses at our blog: www.ivorypearlbridal.wordpress.com .  Below is a picture of the buri fans.



Here's another fan is also not so gender specific.  It is a folded silk fan, very modern, very pretty. You may find this fan at http://tinyurl.com/26fd95d .


Take care. Hoping this is a great day for you,


The Ivory Pearl

Thanks!  I have considered the buri fans, also. 

Hi Andria


Here are some other ideas to consider Personalized Water Bottle,  Sunscreen Favor or Lemonade Mix


Have a great day


Thanks, Caren.


I did mention the sunscreen favor.  :)

I think the personalised water bottles would be appreciated if it is going to be hot. (August is Winter here in Australia!)

You can make them yourself or get a crafty friend to make them easily with this software: Wrap Candy Software

I bought it years ago, and have discovered you can personalise just about anything with it. I also visit their forum frequently to get new ideas (paint gallon cans are a favourite of mine)



Beautiful Weddings on a Budget

Thanks, Angela.  I do like the idea of the water bottles; however, we can't bring in our own food or drinks.  The festival sells these items to help make money. 


August is hot where I live in the US. 


Thanks for the links.


what about neck coolers? I'm not sure where you get them from, but I have seen people with them at Summer Music Festivals here. They are like a long sausagey type thing, and are filled with some kind of (silicone?) beads that you can freeze. People wear them around their necks, I have sampled one and they are quite refreshing



Beautiful Weddings on a Budget



I do like that idea.  I just wonder about the expense.  I am not sure what they are filled with, but have seen that.  I may try to look for a diy tutorial on them.  Thanks.



thanks for the link Andria, I am going to try and make some of these. It get's pretty hot down under! We are in Summer right now.
You are quite welcome.  I thought everyone might like to see that I found a tutorial for the neck coolers.

Congrats on your wedding!

I agree men may not be interested in fans but I dont think you can exclude them. This site has no shipping costs outside of Florida and  you can use the coupon" Thanks" for 10% off orders of 50 or more. 

Here is an idea the men can get  wine/bottle stoppers: http://storkandveilfavorsandgifts.com/item_83/Double-Happiness-Eleg...


and the women can get a coordinating item like the suggested fan http://storkandveilfavorsandgifts.com/item_176/Sandal-Season-Sandal...


or if you wanted to give everyone the same thing here is a personalized wine glass http://storkandveilfavorsandgifts.com/item_60/Personalized-Stemless...


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