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I am getting married August 27, 2011 at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.  We all know how hot and humid it can be in August.  The one idea for a favor that keeps coming to mind are hand fans.  I am also thinking of either purchasing several bottles of spray sunscreen and sitting them around, or purchasing large bottles and filling up smal individual bottles with a personalized label on them. 


I know the gentleman will NOT be interested in the hand fans.  What should I consider for the guys?  Will they even want favors?



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Thanks, Vikky. 


Men are the hardest to come up with favors for.  I am not sure most would even want the wine stopper or the glass. 



Its true men are difficult!


 Here is an idea-- its a plantable wldflower and money is donated to charity. If most of the men are married the women can take it and the men can feel like at least their favor  money went to a good cause.


or something like this- its ice tea- its edible so its not something they will have sitting around


i think a married and a single man would be happy with different things. Anther idea is alittle photo frame that can hold the table card. you can give one per couple and they can put a poto of anyone in it. it would reduce cost and be practicle. here are some:  this one is sold in sets of 12 so its pretty inexpensive- you can get 10 sets of 12 for under 100. that would cover over 200 ppl. 

good luck!

Thanks for the ideas.  I can't use anything edible or drinkable for favors because my venue does not allow any food or beverage to be brought in.  I am also not using table cards or seating cards.  I am allowing people to sit where they may.  We are only inviting 50-60 people.


I made my own programs that duplicated as fans and they worked really well. I also ordered 3x3 boxes from, lined them with tissue paper and filled them with mints, hershey kisses, wedding bubbles (for our exit) and flavored tea bags. You may have to sub something else for the candy since it might melt in the heat. We had a fall wedding (september) but it was still really hot so the fans that doubled as programs were perfect and the additional favor boxes also doubled as place cards for assigned seating at our reception. Here's a photo of the boxes/place cards:

It was basically all DIY but the little projects were excuses to get the bridesmaids together to help you, so it ended up being fun! You can put your own personal twist on it. As you can see from my page/website, I'm all about personalization!

And here's a tutorial on making the fan programs: That person included word searches and puzzle games on their programs, but I didn't want to do that, as I wanted people to actually watch the ceremony. But that's up to you.

I wouldn't worry too much about pleasing the men. Most men are pretty laid back about stuff and won't get offended. Besides, weddings are usually made out to be more about the bride anyway. It's mostly women that get excited about little details like this. 

If you're interested in something extra special and unique, check out my website: My songs also make great favors and as a first time customer I'd be willing to offer you a discount on your package as well as discounted duplicate copies! Just fyi... 

Congrats on your wedding! 


:) Selwa

Hi Andria!

Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

Like mentioned before the sunscreen , or even  lip balm is a great choice for an August Wedding.  Fans are practical, but I totally understand that men wouldn't want to use ;)  We offer different kinds of summer themed favors or even beach themed favors.  If you see something you like and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!





I am not having a beach themed wedding.  I am having a renaissance themed wedding.  I am getting married at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. 


I did take a look at your sunscreen favors; however, they don't have compatible colors or art on them.  I was actually going to create my own sunscreen favors.  Lip balm is also a good choice, but it can melt in the hot sun and I am not sure if men would like the lip balm either. 



Congratulations on your Medieval wedding at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival! Wonderfully unique and romantic!


You are pretty much on the right track.  For the women you can have either bamboo (or other types) of fans that will be personalized with your names and wedding date. As far as a fan for the men guests, an idea would be a small battery operated fan.


It iwould be more cost effective for you to purchase large bottles of sunblock filling up smaller bottles, personalizing these as well.


It is unfortunate that you cannot bring any beverages of your own; however, have you considered the possibility of asking the Festival Co-ordinator if they could provide small bottles of water for you?  It is going to be warm and while you and your guests are outdoors, you are bound to become thirsty. If they would do that for you,  you could provide us with your color scheme and we would be able to have tags or ribbons made to place on these bottles. 


All the best!


Enza Giambruno

Are You Havin' A Party?




Thanks for your reply.  The battery operated fans are a good idea, though might be a bit pricey for me.


I was going to do exactly as you stated with the sunscreen.


I can understand the venue's reason for not allowing outside beverages.  That is one way that they make money.  I could do as you mentioned, which isn't a bad idea.  I am having my reception at the faire also, and there will be beverages there. 



Dear Andria,

I'm gonna give it one more try.  I may be able to acquire "misting battery operated fans" .  The trick here, though, is that I need to purchase a case since these items are on close out.  This being said, I can get a case of 72pcs (including batteries) for about $350 plus shipping. If this is too much, I understand.  I know that when you are on a tight budget every extra penny counts.

I just wanted to put it out there for you.  Should we not work together, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you once again.  Who knows? Maybe we'll touch base again down the road :)....Enza



Thanks for looking; however, I am not able to spend $350 on misting fans just for the men.  We are only having 50-60 guests at our wedding.  I am looking to spend less than $3 for the favors. 





One more thing.  We specialize in custom made favors - we can work within your color scheme.

I just wanted to put it out there.  I'm sending you some photos of a custom favor basket and envelope box I made according to the bride's specifications as well as a picture of a "bird cage" for gift envelopes.  This is just to give you an idea.


Best regards,






Thanks for the photos.  They are lovely.  I do like the envelope box. 




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