I am getting married August 27, 2011 at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.  We all know how hot and humid it can be in August.  The one idea for a favor that keeps coming to mind are hand fans.  I am also thinking of either purchasing several bottles of spray sunscreen and sitting them around, or purchasing large bottles and filling up smal individual bottles with a personalized label on them. 


I know the gentleman will NOT be interested in the hand fans.  What should I consider for the guys?  Will they even want favors?



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Congrats! I think the fans and sunscreen are great ideas!  I've seen the program printed on fans so guests have them during the ceremony and everyone was very greatful for them in the heat!

Some other fun ideas for the summer (that guys may like as well):

  • Koozies - Everyone loves a nice koozie!  You can get them printed with your names & wedding date.  It's something guys will enjoy and will remind everyone of the fun they had on your big day!
  • Chapstick - Have personalize chapstick with labels with your names & wedding date.  No one can have too many chapsticks!
  • Mini Waters - You can get personalize labels printed for the water bottles to make them more fun and match your wedding theme.

Hope these ideas help! 

Thanks for the suggestions.  I have actually thought of making programs printed on fans.  I just am not sure that a program would be that great for our ceremony.  It is more informal than some weddings and there aren't going to be singers, readers, etc. 

well if you are not have a program you could include a little tidbit about you and your husband to be and the members of the wedding party.  Or you could have a picture of the two of you and your wedding date printed on them as well.

Those are great ideas!  I will definitely keep that in mind.  I could make those myself, cutting out extra costs and give those and the sunscreen as favors.  Thank you very much.  I will certainly consider that one!!

Sure, no problem!  Glad I could help you out.


Good luck with planning the rest of your wedding!

Hi Andria:




These are new items and are not yet updated in our online shop. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Mini white wedding fan - $ 2.60 ea (min 40 pc). Extremely simple and absolutely beautiful, our palace fans are made of translucent silk. Bamboo handle: 3.25" length. Hand fan: 5.5" length x 4" width
  2. D-I-Y Mr. & Mrs. Fan (set of 12) - $ 23.95. Personalize these Mr. & Mrs. fans with clear labels printed through your printer.  Clear labels not included. Each fan is on a wooden stick. 11" Fan.
  3. Wedding silk fan - $ 2.00 ea (min. 24 pcs). 4 colors to choose from-  Light Blue, Pink, White, Burgundy. You can mix/match colors. Made out of natural bamboo covered with silk. 9" long.

Please let me know if you have any questions. (Note: Our wedding party favors and gift items will probably be available on our website Feb. 2011.)


All the best.




Thanks for the ideas, Maria!!

HI Andria,

Several different fan ideas, even blue for the guys! http://tiny.cc/rhb3y.  Hot is Hot, even the guys will appreciate it!



The Favorite Place


Dear Andria,


Congratulations on your Engagement!

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