Hi DIY crafters,


Here is a great way to use leftover ribbon:  Ribbon Roses.


Please see these roses and instructions on how to make them at www.ivorypearlbridal.wordpress.com .


Ribbon roses can be used in a myriad of ways.  Have fun using these cute flowers.


Take care,


The Ivory Pearl

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Thanks for sharing, they are lovely. I am thinking that they would make nice hair accessories for my daughters, we have a craft box with stacks of odd bits of lace and ribbon, finally a use for the ribbon!

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They would make pretty hair accessories for girls.

This could be a great mom/daughter project depending on the age of your girls.

my daughters are 13 and 15, and are on school holidays until the end of January. It has been raining here for about a month, with no sign of clearing in the near future. These will be great to keep them occupied while they are stuck indoors :)



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