One of the more pleasant tasks associated with arranging a wedding is deciding on what wedding favors to have for the guests. Fortunately, there are a number of different options which are very easy to arrange at the last minute. Favors do not have to be stressful part of organizing the special day when there are other more important things that require your time.

One option for an easy wedding favor, especially popular with the ladies is flowers. There is virtually no preparation involved in this and depending on how many guests you have you may not have to order them well in advance.

Many people who choose flowers decide on a single red rose for each guest as a symbol of their love. You can simply purchase one for each guest and have a member of the catering staff, a friend or family member place one rose across each place setting after the tables have been set for the wedding reception.

Although candy might be an easy wedding favor, it is immensely popular and with almost three out of every four weddings using it, often placed in a specially designed box. However, there is an even easier way to give candy and also help you to save money on centerpieces. This just needs a large quantity of various candies placed in a large bowl on the middle of the table.

Each wedding guest can then have a small bag or box to place their favorite candy in to eat when they like. Of course this means that you won’t have to wrap anything yourself but it should get the thumbs up from everyone.

Pictures frames can also work well especially if they are used as place card holders. Where possible, try to find a way around wrapping wedding favors, especially the likes of picture frames which could take a considerable amount of time, not to mention the cost. Almost all receptions have place names at the tables for the guests so this is an ideal way to present the frame without the need to spend time and more money on wrapping paper which will only be discarded.

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One final idea for a very easy wedding favor is to give each guest a digital photo of themselves at the reception by hiring a photographer to take a picture of each couple as they arrive at the wedding reception. So to make sure each guest leaves with their photo, the photographer could take along a fast digital printer then they could be printed out whilst the guests are enjoying the reception. As most wedding photographs are in groups, a photograph with just one couple at a time showing them at their best would be a welcomed wedding favor. If the photographer can arrange a slide show, the guests not only get a personal memento but they also get the opportunity to see how the photos turned out for all of the other guests as well.

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