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Hello Wedding Professionals,


As you know, about once a week, I've been sharing free wedding marketing advice with this community.  Please give me ideas for future blog posts.  What wedding marketing questions do you have?   I want to help you but I need to hear from you in order to do so. 


I look forward to hearing your suggestions!







Christine Dyer, Creator and Founder of BridalTweet

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Hi Christine - I'm not sure if you've covered this or not but I would like to know the most cost effective way to approach and potentially advertise to wedding professionals in my area.  (or any area)  I'm clear on web advertising but less clear on other forms of advertising. 

Vicki - I appreciate that you chimed in first.  This is great!

Other Vendors - Please continue to share your questions below.

which sites have proven success when you pay to advertise

What is the best way to pitch a wedding for a blog or magazine?

Thanks for adding your question.  FYI - Here are 2 articles that I've written in the past that might help answer most of your question...

How to Do Your Own PR

5 Steps to Writing a Winning Press Release

Thank you for these articles! 

will be looking to use it for out site


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