What Would You Say, Is Your Most Popular Service, When Brides Pick You, As A Wedding Planner?

Hello Wedding Planners

I have really come to the conclusion, That Brides really like to have a choice when it comes to the services you offer. What would be your most popular package? That your clients tend to favor or purchase more than the others?

Would it Be ...... Day Of..
Would it Be....... Months of..
Would it Be........Full Wedding Package

Thanks You for your comments in advance!
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This is an interesting question. I think that Brides come to the consultation wanting the Day of Coordination, and then realizing how many details are involved in the planning process, they quickly change their mind. The most popular question/request is a concern of communication. They want to know that I am available to them at any day and any time, which of course, I am. With that said...the most popular package is usually a middle of the road package that includes day of coordination plus a few extra items a la carte that can be guest list/invitation assistance, seating chart assistance, vendor recommendations, etc.
A lot of brides need help making sure there day goes as planned.. therefore, I know a popular package requested of me happens to be the "day of" package... Due to the economy being bad and brides trying to spend money, it seems as though they are willing to include a planner within their budget to make sure that the day of the wedding is as perfect as they dreamed.. Therefore, my job is to acquaint myself with everything and everyone prior to the actual wedding day and see to it that whatever errors may occur, I could most definitely troubleshoot without worrying the bride!
For me it would be the destination planning, especially organizing and gathering all the information from guests
I believe brides would say it is the day of wedding package, but as a wedding planner, a full wedding package can be very helpful. Planners give a lot of perspective on areas brides and grooms should concentrate on spending their money and getting the best support they can - photography, floral arrangements, catering, etc., and planners can help them work within their budget, help ensure they are getting the best products/services for their money. But, the day of event is crucial for ensuring the bride/groom have things their way, stress-free and not having to worry about the details. That is where I am most effective. I take care of the details so they can just enjoy their day, their guests, and creating lasting memories...
In my case, since we are specialized in Destination Weddings in Puerto Rico the Full Wedding Package is the most popular. Sometimes we do some customization to the package depending how much time the bride has to work with the vendors. But they just feel safe by hiring a wedding planner to handle every little detail and make sure they don't overlook anythingl during the process.


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