You know, your 30 elevator pitch. Reading Duct Tape Marketing, I learned how to put together a good one(I highly recommend that book). I'm testing this to make sure it makes sense (I've heard it in my head hundreds of times) and conveys the marketing message I want. So feel free to give me feedback.

What do you do? I help wedding professionals fall back in love with their businesses. I'm a Bridal Coach.
Really? You know how weddings tend to have a some drama? Well, I teach pros easy skills that resolve misunderstandings and set boundaries so everyone can enjoy the wedding experience. I'm like a vendors best friend.

OK, do you understand what I do. Would you want to know more. And, PLEASE share your audio logo so we can help you, too. Thanks!

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We take the stress out of the most stressful part of wedding/event planning - the seating arrangements!
OK. First, brava to you for starting. I like to be one of the first too, and usually find it rewarding. According to the marketing gurus, the first step is to get my attention. Check! Take the stress out definitely made me want to read more. Here's the rub. I'm not sure you're talking to me. Who do you help, and what the worst part of making seating arrangements? Game for another go? I hope so.
My "Specialty" is "Customized Cigar Roller Events" / "Unique Entertainment" for ALL occasions ... Have Cigar-Will Travel ... If you wish to "Wow" your Clients or "Wow" your "Guests" ... You give them to me and I shall "Wow-em" for you ...
Making Brides happy, I take the burden of responsibilty and stress away in order for you to enjoy your engagement and wedding day.
Thanks for joining in Jennifer and Frank. My question to you is, what do people say after you say your pitch?

I guess I'm still wondering, for example, what puts the WOW in having a cigar bar at my event, Frank. Or, since most planners say they reduce stress, what's different about the way you do it, Jennifer?

There's a lot of competition in the field, but I think there's room for everyone if there's a clear distinction about what makes you special from everyone else.

Anyone else want to weigh in?
We transform the "I Love You" to "I Do". We are passionate about ensuring that one of the most special days is handled with grace and love. We work to guarantee a stress-free day sort of a "No Work Zone" for the special couple and their families.
Hey, thanks for joining in. I really like the 'no work zone' idea. It sparked my curiosity about what you do exactly, and I can see the marketing possibilities, can't you? A cute little hard hat logo that saves 'No Work Zone' on a bride. Little (Wo)men at work signs. Too much fun!

What thoughts or advice would you give to the other posters?
Thanks for the reply! Just to answer your questions, La Dolce Vita Weddings is a full-scale wedding design & production organization. We work with brides & grooms to create a memorable experience on one of the most special days of their lives.
Ok, so for the purposes of a marketing discussion, which is what we're having ;), you lost me. Not as excited about a memorable experience because that's what every vendor should be giving me if I'm the bride. What do you do differently that makes it so memorable. Sorry to be picky but getting core message right is one of the keys to growing a biz.

I'm still working on mine. I really like saying that I help vendors fall back in love with their wedding businesses by removing stress. Trouble is, saying how I do it. Coaching pros on communication and conflict skills just doesn't sound that sexy ;)!
This is an awesome discussion, and I definitely need a good elevator pitch. I thought I might come see what others have had, and I realize now more than ever I need to pick up a thesaurus for some creative wording!
Can't wait to see what you got! My very best pitch when I was a business mediator was,

I help keep managers from killing their employees.

You can bet people said, 'what?!' after hearing that. Then I could explain that I teach managers how to do performance reviews. Not giving an honest, specific feedback, or exploring why performance is lacking, is like killing your employee's spirit and commitment.

I didn't always get the business but I did get their attention!!

PS If anyone here thinks that topic is useful, let me know. I'd be happy to do a call on it.
Okay, here is my try at an elevator pitch:

I design a stylish way for people to never loose their liquior at parties.

I've never really had a pitch before. I ususally just tell people what I do. But even being straight forward I find myself having to explain in detail what it is that I actually do. Some people get it and think its cool. Most of my responses are- "Really? Why would people buy that?" or, "You can't seriously be making 'real' money from doing that." In which case I feel I have to defend myself and my work. I try not to let negative statements discourage me but it does get annoying at time.


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