You know, your 30 elevator pitch. Reading Duct Tape Marketing, I learned how to put together a good one(I highly recommend that book). I'm testing this to make sure it makes sense (I've heard it in my head hundreds of times) and conveys the marketing message I want. So feel free to give me feedback.

What do you do? I help wedding professionals fall back in love with their businesses. I'm a Bridal Coach.
Really? You know how weddings tend to have a some drama? Well, I teach pros easy skills that resolve misunderstandings and set boundaries so everyone can enjoy the wedding experience. I'm like a vendors best friend.

OK, do you understand what I do. Would you want to know more. And, PLEASE share your audio logo so we can help you, too. Thanks!

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I really like your pitch.

Ours goes something like... We are wedding videographers. We help you capture your special memories so you can relive them forever.

too cheesy? hahah. it's true though.
No cheesy, but maybe a little- I hope you won't mind- boring. I know you're more exciting than that, right?
well here goes nothing...

I am a wedding company name is Bee-Mine Weddings..

"Let Us Take The Sting Out Of Your Day!"

short simple...and i get feedback from brides and other planners saying they like the play on my company name and they like my tag line...

they say it is cute...yes i know cute isn't always good but with the hearts on my cards and is cute...
Hey Lorie, it is cute and memorable. Here's my question for you: does it say what you want about your business? How do you take the sting out? Which stings in particular? I know I'm a nag about stating a niche, but it's the only way to attract the brides you want.

The bee is probably great for branding, and maybe that's enough. What do you think?
So I have been playing with this since I posted last month, and I have come up with something I'd like to share:

So what do you do? We bring lives to your party.

Really? Yes, we have a stationery and apparel company, coordinating all your inviting needs so you can celebrate your special occasion. What makes us different is we offer unique items with the ability to custom design them. We are your extension for creativity.
Hey, good for you getting something out there. I'm assuming you meant to write life not lives. If that's not right, you might be causing yourself an issue since I didn't understand it right away. What's the creative thing your brides/clients rave about most? That would make a good differentiating point, don't you think? No one thinks like you do.
Love it. I might need to contact you for some marketing lessons.

Hi there

I know I am a bit late to this discussion but I only joined the group today :-)

Would be amazing if someone could feedback on my elevator pitch, I have been reading everyone elses and tried to incorporate the suggestions into mine.

Here it is ...

I am Idit Ginsberg, founder of Dash of Sparkle.      

I’m sure you have experienced how overwhelming and stressful it can be to organise a special celebration.

Finding those amazing suppliers, making time to fit everything in that needs to get done.

Having someone there who can oversee everything for you, recommend the best suppliers, bounce ideas off and watch     over the budget can make all the difference.

If you are getting married, organising your anniversary, birthday, Bar Mitzvah or know of someone who could use some help, make sure to take my card.

I’m Idit Ginsberg, Wedding, Event and Corporate Planner. Turning ordinary events into magical celebrations!


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