Here is the 10,000 Dollar question . . . When is enough, enough.  I received a lead from a Bride interested in a Wedding Planner.  I immediately responded (well within my standard 24 hour response time).  The only problem is the Bride (or Groom) for that matter never returned my phone call or my following 3 emails or 3 additional voicemails.  I have not seemed desparate, just adhering to the policies I have set forth in regards to client follow up.  It has been a month since the initial lead went out and 1 1/2 weeks since my last attempt to reach her.  At this point, I have moved on and chalked it up to a bride who is no longer interested. 


What have you vendors run up against in regards to this topic, and when do you call it quits?


Here's to you . . .


Kelli Crannell

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