Often brides wait until about a month or two before and then panic. My professional opinion, give yourself about 4 months, definitely schedule a trial, and make sure to sign a contract! 
Eye do offers many services and besides my creativity and ability to transform into an array of styles, I develop a relationship with my clients and care about your needs.  
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated so that I can improve on my services and ensure you will highly recommend me/

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Definately great advice about getting a trial first. That way there are no suprises and you are confident with your look on your wedding day!

Nicole Keesler
Creative Elegance Weddings
I agree, a minimum of 4 months to contact your makeup artist but in some cases 6 months in advance is a good idea. I had a trial a month ago for a bride that is getting married in a year! She booked me early just incase. Some brides are well prepared, while others scramble at the last minute. It's a good idea to book your trial early, definitely work with a pro who you sign a contact with and then your beauty worries are behind you!
Hi there, i just got married in Jan, I also find your advice helpful. Its good to give plenty of time to be able to have a first trial. Some brides have more then one trial, so that way there is plenty of time to get it all perfect.

Great website by the way :)

Elegant Jewellery
I suggest as soon as you book your venue! As my best MUA 's are booked up to a year in advance...
Speaking from the bride's point of view, the sooner the better. If you already know the style of the wedding dress, that would make it easier to choose a look for hair and makeup. I would want plenty of time to research different bridal looks, try out any new makeup to be sure that my skin doesn't react to it, and do a few trials myself to see what looks good on me. For hair, you need even more time if possible. Given time, you can always grow hair out a little and then cut it if necessary. I have at least one friend who started working on her hairstyle a year in advance since she knew she wanted an updo and needed to grow out her hair.

Just Weddings
...I really agree with the above...4-6 months is the ideal, and is perfect for taking your time to ensure that you get the look that you want. A trial is the perfect way to work closely with your MUA to ensure she can give you the ideal look that you would like for your special day :)

best wishes,


I think that 4-6 months is good but the earlier that you know that you want to book your hair and makeup artist the better.   I have many weddings booked 1+ years out because I book quickly.  That doesn't mean that you need to do the trial that far out, but definitely book your artist/stylist asap if you know that you for sure want to work with them.  Pictures and reviews can speak for themselves in most cases.


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