Trials are SO important!! 90% of Brides today walk out of a Bridal Gown Salon purchasing a Gown that is almost the total opposite of the idea they had walking in. 
Well, wouldn't that make you wonder if the same goes for Hair AND Makeup?!
It would be absolutely ideal to find a picture on the web or in a Bridal magazine and look as stunning as the picture, without having a trial on your wedding day! This never happens!! Not one person looks the same, or has the same hair color. From the skin tone, face shape, to the hairline we are all extremely different. This is what makes us unique. So Please, please, schedule a trial 4 months from your wedding date at least!

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I totally agree with this. I had a trial run and I can't tell you how many lipstick colors we went through! Also, having wearing the make-up for a few hours you can see what you don't like as the hours pass. She used something on me that made me look more shiny so on the wedding day I was able to tell her that and she didn't use it. I am glad I wasn't shiny on my wedding day lol. Also, she wrote down the colors she used so she could reproduce the same look on my wedding day. I was so stressed on my wedding day, I couldn't imagine that day being the first I would see my make-up artist!



Thanks for your input. I'm glad your wedding day turned out to be great!! I usually take pictures with my camera and the Brides as well to replicate the makeup on the day of. My website is I would appreciate any feedback from a bride's point of view!


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