A week in the Caribbean, a cruise in Europe, Vegas, camping for a few days in a National Park...there are so many destinations where newlyweds want to go for their honeymoon.  What is your ideal destination? 

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A week in South Africa and may be 3-4 days in Seychelles.. So south-africa would be all about the national parks, the beaches, the clubs etc and Seychelles for the pristine beaches, clear water and romantic evenings by the sea..

I would love to have my honeymoon on Jamaica's Negril Beach, and stay there on a nice resort with a romantic honeymoon room decoration for 7 days.

FI and I are going to have an Asian tour for our honeymoon. Though we don't have a big budget as
of yet for a great European tour, it's definitely in our bucket list. Perhaps we could celebrate one of
our future wedding anniversaries in Spain, Greece or Italy!

This has truly inspired us! Check it out, you'll be surprised how possible traveling is!


3 Crucial Rules of Creating a Bucket List

Anyone has an experience in touring to Thailand, Singapore and Philippines? Tips are
appreciated! Thanks!

A good Idea for a honeymoon would be to spend a week in Brisbane, Australia, if you go to the city you will have everything, the city nightlife and shopping, the peace from the beach that it is on a walking distance!!! right in the middle of the city, and if you prefer you can take a short drive to one of the natural parks, all with the tropical climate, that would be my favorite destination.

If it comes to Europe you can always depend on online catalogues land see how amazing you can make your honeymoon ;) I love one particular place for a honeymoon, http://www.wherewedding.co.uk/hotels-art-hotel-santorini.html it's so stunning and children free! :p


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