Hi Girls,
I’ve been looking at BM dresses, i love these 2 dresses, and BM cant decide which one either!!
Would love your opinions...
Ps.. i will have light ivory dresses and mother will have a hot pink.
Ohhh, and it’s a summer wedding!!!


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I would go for the second one because i like it.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,they may use the wedding app and get gain from it.
Hi, Ashley! I absolutely love this one! http://www.inweddingdress.com/style-br128.html. It flows beautiful; the sash styling is very attractive, and for a summer wedding I think it would be beautiful for your bridesmaids! Best of luck to you! Connie...Heart and Soul Events.
I like the 2nd one better has a softer look perfect for summer wedding
I vote the 2nd one.

Love the second image.  You can wear it again and I really like the look of it.


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