So I did a certification at the beginning of this year with a "wedding planner certification" company that was not ABC.  I'm currently looking into the possibility of becoming a member of ABC, but I'm worried that it's more of a club than educational source.  I'm all about continuing my education, but don't want to pay just to say "I'm part of ABC".  

Does anyone have any opinions, pros/cons, advice, random joke?


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I'm a member of ABC and they have numerous continuing education programs for certified wedding planners
Thanks Caren. Do you feel that's worth the yearly fee?
I am currently studying to become a wedding planner through an online course American Academy of Wedding Planners.
Thanks, Elizabeth. That is the company that I did my certification with at the beginning of the year. Hope it works out for you!
I got my certification as a certified event professional with US Event Guide and then completed the professional bridal consultant program through Penn Foster which is part of ABC. ABC I feel is nice but unless you are in position to attend all the events which are never local for me which for the most part is a flight that I cannot afford so it does not really benefit me. Also, I thought there would be more mentoring and things of that nature my coordinator was not very helpful so I found I was really paying just to say I was a member so I did not renew. I can join any club I want to network and build relationships and it was cliquish just my two cents.
Jenira -

That's what I was sincerely afraid of. I didn't want to drop a bunch of cash to be "part of a club". Especially if said club doesn't offer valuable education in my area. Thank you for your input.

I went through US Career Institute. I really enjoyed the course. I'm looking into becoming a member of ABC as well, mostly because it looks good. I do not think I will get much more than that out of it.
Jessica -

That's what I'm afraid of. I find that brides don't know ABC from any other organization. If my business and my clients benefit from it, then it's certainly worth it. But I don't want to be another name in a club.

Thanks for your input tho! Best of luck!
I agree that most brides do not know the difference between organizations. ABC was mentioned in an article I read about choosing a good vendor in a wedding magazine a few years ago, when I was still just thinking about becoming a planner. I've since tried to find that article for the other associations it listed, but I cannot. ABC is very expensive but the other associations I've looked at appear to be just as expensive. I also rate them on how neat and professional looking their website is, something I imagine brides would be doing, and ABC is at the top so far.
I know, right? It boggles my mind that some of the Bridal organizations out there have such terrible websites. If that's the main thing that is representing your business, clean it up! Ahh, just my frustrations. But I do agree, ABC has a decent website when compared to others.
You'd think for as much money as they're charging, they could afford to hire a web designer!


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