Hello!  My name is Rachel, and I am a junior studying Public Relations at the University of Minnesota.  I want more then anything to use my studies in PR and my experiences in student groups to become a Wedding Planner.  I have been doing a lot of research and have e-mailed and gotten responses from a few planners in the Twin Cities area on just general tips and advice.


Now my question is this to everyone here who is currently a Wedding Planner/Specialist/Coordinator.  Which certification program would you recommend to me? Which one did you use and did you like it? If so why or why not?


I have found one that I am leaning towards but if anyone has suggestions or advice it would be much appreciated.

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Hello Rachel,

I know your are seeking comments from a Wedding Planner, Specialist, or Coordinator. I of course am not any one of those things, but I have been sniffing around the wedding scene a little here and there with contacts from planners and coordinators and one of the certification programs that is really good is from  the "Association of Bridal Consultants" http://www.bridalassn.com/default.aspx . It is the oldest and largest organization exclusively serving wedding professionals, and they have been training wedding coordinators since 1955. That is good and of course just hands on experience working as an intern for some of the reputable and small ones in and around you that have been doing it for years. That's a way to build your credibility to learn, grow and flourish. ~I went off on a tangent for a bit, so back to my point about the Association of Bridal Consultants -- It's good, it does require some $ but it's a worthwhile investment because it's a national recognition that you can always claim on your Curriculum Vitae/Resume. Anyway, hope this info helps a little from a limousine driver :)  ~ Good Luck~   :)

Thanks so much for posting! Anyone's input helps, I am currently working with a few student groups on planning committees.

I have my certfication from the Association of Bridal Consultants, yes it's pricey compared to the other programs out there, but it's well worth the expense if you can swing it; I can tell you from networking with other planners who went the cheaper route have told me they regret it and wished they had just taken more time to save for ABC; The planners who went the cheaper route ended up spending more money in the long run for their certification.

Good luck in whichever direction you follow



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