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I like #4, because Robin's egg blue is easier to match than most other blues. I love the silver too. I would suggest limiting your palette to two or three colors, just so it looks more in sync with your theme.
Thank you. I should have added that I do in fact plan to select three of the the five in the palette. I just need to choose a palette first. lol
I like four and five. I think it partly depends on when you are planning your wedding--some colors will lend themselves to certain seasons.
I don't think you can go wrong with five. Depending on when you are getting married will help you pick three of the five colors in the pallette.
well, all are nice, if you are going for one group, it all depends on what color you want to be the major color and what to accent with - if you are not set on using one set, take you favorite blues from each and make you own -I also recommend that my clients go and collect color swatches from home depot/lowes/ walmart- in the color family they like
it is often difficult to exactly match certain colors, so often you can go with a section of a family of blues- out of the above- 2 nicest blues- 5 best for wide range of variation a color wheel is a useful tool for many things- bottom line- have fun with the colors and choose what YOU like- and look for blues naturally found in nature

Thanks all! I'm leaning towards #4...but 5 is coming in as a very close second.
As a florist I would go with 5, because the bright blue is a color that you can get in the natural world (Volkenfrieden Delphinimum), Number 3 would be also a good 2nd choice, add to that Light Lavender Daisies and Yellow flowers and you have a stunning combination.


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