The cost of wedding invitations is outrageous.  Actually, the cost of anything related to weddings, is outrageous.  I am attempted to DIY as much of the wedding as I can. 


I did end up purchasing invitations on clearance at WalMart.  They are ivory.  I want the invitations to match our theme, Renaissance Festival Wedding.  I do believe the decor at the reception will be kept neutral; therefore, I was thinking the printing on the ivory invitations would be brown. 


I decided to try and create a wedding monogram that we could use on our invitations and other wedding items. 


Which of the following monograms do you think we should choose to use in our invitations and other wedding decor? 



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monogram2.png looks more elegant in my opinion. :) Good luck with your invites. I'm sure it would look fine.

Thanks for your input.  It does look elegant.  I am having a Renaissance Festival Wedding, so I also want what would look best with my "theme".

I like monogram2 the best.  I wondered how it would look if you changed the font on the T and then add each of your first initials on each side.  His on the left ......yours on the right.  Just a suggestion.

Thanks.  It would probably look nice, especially if our initials were a little smaller.  This particular monogram was taken off a website where you could choose colors and an initial, then download it.   I didn't create it myself.  I could try something similar.

monogram2 looks the best

Thanks, Caren!!

The lines that are in two of the photos will not be on the invitation, of course.  I just got a "capture" of my creation.

I really like to monogram2 ~ so elegant!

Thanks.  It is a popular one.  :)

I really like monogram2 but torpey text that can definitely set the mood for your theme. Make sure you buy more invites than you need and just keep the receipt if you need to return a box. I bought my invites from Wal-mart for my wedding and when I went back because I needed more than I thought, the design wasn't available anymore :( I ended up sending out 2 different kinds of invites. No one knew but it still bothered me lol.


Good Luck!


Thanks, Melina.  We are inviting approximating 50 people.  Many of those are couples and families that live together.  I purchased 2 boxes of 50 invitations (on clearance).  I think that should be enough.  I will also practice some on plain paper cut to size.

Which one were you saying can set the mood for our theme?  There isn't one called torpey text.  Where you referring to the first or the third?


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