The cost of wedding invitations is outrageous.  Actually, the cost of anything related to weddings, is outrageous.  I am attempted to DIY as much of the wedding as I can. 


I did end up purchasing invitations on clearance at WalMart.  They are ivory.  I want the invitations to match our theme, Renaissance Festival Wedding.  I do believe the decor at the reception will be kept neutral; therefore, I was thinking the printing on the ivory invitations would be brown. 


I decided to try and create a wedding monogram that we could use on our invitations and other wedding items. 


Which of the following monograms do you think we should choose to use in our invitations and other wedding decor? 



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The third one, sorry! I liked the use of the old English script. I think it may be more medieval than renaissance, but it just seems more relevant to the theme to me.


I did find a site that I think you can download fonts that are from the renaissance period :) There may be other sites with free fonts too. Have fun!

Don't be sorry!  hahaha.  I appreciate your input.  I do think the third is my favorite, also.  I thought it fit our theme, colors, and ideas the best. 


Thanks for the link!!  I will definitely be checking it out!!!

Here is a website that you may get some ideas of what sort of look you like the best.....


DYI invites is definetly the way to go if you are looking to save money and have the time to do it.  I like monogram 2 and as It's Your Party Planner mention, I like adding yours and his initals as well.  From doing invitations professionally definetly buy more then you need, sometimes printer issues become a problem and you will want to do several test prints to make sure they look perfect for you!!! Good luck and enjoy!!!!
Best wishes and congratulation on your upcoming DIY wedding. I like monogram2. Regarding everything being so expensive, Click on this link: News station in St. Louis is running a series of free tips about having an event without breaking the budget. It will get you thinking outside the box.

Hi Andria,


monotipe2 is the best, but put your initials on.

About Decor, leave quite simply your wedding, we are not yet in Baroc time. Simply flowers and please add herbs, as sage and rosemary. Yiou could do simple wrinkles with rosemary ans sage tied with natural coloured raffia and put them on each napkins, they give you a good smell and are vey beatiful. Use also ribbons and flower stripes. If you like put flowers in your and bridesmaid hairs. 


Thank you

Fabrizio Mengasini

Thanks for your input, Fabrizio!

Monogram2 is great but i would choose torpey2.2 that would match better with your theme!

I'm in for Monogram 2 - Looks very nice!

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I like "Andria and Kurt Torpey2.gif the best. 

Please check out my blog post on "Planning a Small Inexpensive Wedding". I am also featuring DIY flowers everyday for the month of January.  My blog address is

Thanks for your opinion.   I do believe that is the one we are going with.  :)


Thanks for posting your blog!!!  I will take a look.


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