The cost of wedding invitations is outrageous.  Actually, the cost of anything related to weddings, is outrageous.  I am attempted to DIY as much of the wedding as I can. 


I did end up purchasing invitations on clearance at WalMart.  They are ivory.  I want the invitations to match our theme, Renaissance Festival Wedding.  I do believe the decor at the reception will be kept neutral; therefore, I was thinking the printing on the ivory invitations would be brown. 


I decided to try and create a wedding monogram that we could use on our invitations and other wedding items. 


Which of the following monograms do you think we should choose to use in our invitations and other wedding decor? 



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I like Torpey2. It is elegant and readable. Best of the three. Connie...Heart and Soul Events
Monogram 2 definitely!
Thanks for your opinions!!

Monogram 2 for sure!

Check out your local market before you invest. See what kind of cars your competition is driving. What is the workable spending range of the market? How big is the market? I'd talk to a collateral wedding service, say a local photographer, to get this kind of idea.If any one wants help,can go for wedding app and make use of it.


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