I am a fairly new planner and for 2011 I am trying to get into the branding and would like to revamp my site.  I created my site with webeasy and it is hosted by ieasysite and I am not that find of the templates.  The ideal thing would be something I can maintain myslef and will not have the advertising on the bottom for example free site from yola or vistaprint at the bottom.  The last thing I do not have a lot of money to invest and I understand that we need to invest in our business to make it successful but my kids have to eat too. 



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GoDaddy-way better than onestop-not using them anymore-

Savoir Faire Media did a bang up job on our website, blog, and cards/pricing sheets etc.  

my site: www.JenAdamsPhoto.com and blog: www.JenAdamsphoto.net


Wix.com has lots of templates that you can do yourself, but it really takes a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time. :)  Good luck!

Oh!  And, godaddy.com is ALWAYS giving discounts.  Find someone on there to email you one... I can do it for you too... no sense in spending extra when you don't have to.  Just let me know. :)

I created my site using Weebly...it's super easy to create your own site and maintain it.  You can aslo have someone create your site for you and enter the html into it so you have the exact look your going for.  It's great!!  Check out mysite: www.avant-photography.com

The site is hosted by weebly as well!  I highly reccomend it.

We use Bluehost for our domain and hosting services, they are fairly good. Customer service is always there but the techs can be somewhat rude or unhelpful. We then we purchased a Graph Paper Press template that uses WordPress as the base code. We have some background in HTML/CSS/PHP so we customized the template a fair bit, so the site works a little more as we like for photos, blog posts and other filtering aspects. 


The advantage of learning even basic HTML/CSS (Lynda.com is good) is that you can make the site look more unique and less like the templates you can buy. Another place to get great WordPress templates is Theme Forest. They are a bit less expensive than Graph Paper Press and there's a ton more to pick from than the primarily photo-based themes. There's lots of really good options in there and WordPress is much easier to update and configure than most site structures. Also, with the growing mobile use of websites a WordPress site is much better than Flash-based so all those iPhone users out there can still see your info and work. 


Have a look at our work when you have a chance: http://www.joshuacophotography.com/



I use BluDomain for my template and hosting (www.AkiPhotography.com). They have templates that you customize, its fairly easy. The reliability has been great, no down time for me in 3 years I've been online. There are galleries, calendars, contact pages, ecommerce, etc, etc. I think templates start at $50 and you can update as often as you wish. Hosting is $100 for a year, last time I purchased. Domain names are under $25 I think. You can look on their site and it'll lay out all the costs for you. Their customer service has been good too.
Just wanted to thank everyone for ideas and suggestions on website and hosting. Some months ago, I went and read all the posting hear and did my research. I just published a site I created myself with www.weebly.com/link/wOvJqz  that cost less than $50 a year for hosting and free website. Its super easy to navigate through. Just drag and drop to create the site. I bought the domain name from Godaddy.com for less than $15.00 a year. Check out www.shootingstarphotovideo.com


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