I am a fairly new planner and for 2011 I am trying to get into the branding and would like to revamp my site.  I created my site with webeasy and it is hosted by ieasysite and I am not that find of the templates.  The ideal thing would be something I can maintain myslef and will not have the advertising on the bottom for example free site from yola or vistaprint at the bottom.  The last thing I do not have a lot of money to invest and I understand that we need to invest in our business to make it successful but my kids have to eat too. 



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Hello Keisha,


I too am a wedding/event planner!  I designed and created my own website using wix.com and wix.com is also hosting my site; my domain name I bought from godaddy.com.  They have lots of easy-to-use design features already created and you just have to drag-and-drop what you like.  You can create your own design, using templates they already have or customize your own!  I really love it!  It's so easy too!  Take a look at my website: www.veilsandfairytales.com. 


Good luck!!

Great Site! Its pretty quick loading too!

I use showit for my website.  they have some awesome templates available, or you can 100% customize very easily.  you can publish your website to facebook, make individual websites for each client, and publish the sites to your clients facebook wall and tag them.  GREAT for viral marketing.  (and the customer support is AH-MAZING!)  the sites are geared towards photographers, but could easily be tweeked for anything (in fact, we use showit for the real estate company i work for)

My website is hosted at JustHost.com for approx $42 a year. One tip when shopping for Webhost - before you commit in the Checkout page, try closing the browser window. Most vendors have these promotion pop-ups where they offer price cut-offs. I've tried that in JustHost.com and got a 50% off.


As for my website, www.printableinvitationkits.com - I'm using the Wordpress platform and I found a theme that I like for $30 at themeforest.net and I just did some minor customization. Themeforest has the cheapest but beautiful wordpress premium templates there is.


Overall, I invested less than $100 for my site. Not bad. :)

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your suggestions.

I've had several, but the one I use now, is great!  ash@ashfox.com is his contact info.  He's very creative and very affordable. 

I used 1&1 to host and designed our site myself using iWeb (built in Mac software). The templates are good, but you can completely customize them yourself. With a lot of forum browsing and Google searching, I taught myself to build and upload our site without any HTML knowledge. There is a third party software called iWeb SEO Tool that you can use to optimize and upload your site.



I haven't found anything better quality or better price than at photoBiz.com. I would suggest that you go to some of your best photographers and ask them for photos of weddings you have planned. Load them to one of their beautiful flash templates and give yourself a million dollar look. They also allow you to add on services like a shopping cart if you want. The service was created by and for high-end photographers. It's surprisingly inexpensive...and what I like best....easy to use. They give great 24/7 help and easy to understand tutorials. If you refer friends and they buy a site, you get a free month, so if you use them, please return the favor. ;-) I've been with them for 3 years and they're the best in my opinion. I've tried lots of others in 12 years. See my site at www.DonLawlerFilms.com.

I use godaddy.com.  They have great customer service and you KNOW you have full ownership of your domain name.  I know several other professionals that prefer go daddy as well.  The down side is that there are no templates.  I too am revamping my site, so it looks pretty sparse right now.  My husband is a programmer, since I'm going "templateless" he's doing everything except the actual visual design.  I am also working with a graphic artist on a new logo and other graphics that I might need.

I use Site Build It to host my domain and to develop my website. It doesn't just host my site but it also gives me a tutorial on how to build my site so it can generate traffic. My traffic has been steadily growing over time. You can upload your own template or you can use the ones that they provide (part of the package).  And if you are not very good with htmls and all that stuff, they guide you every step of the way.


You can click  here to visit my site.


I have two design business - my main one is my graphic design business and then I have my secondary wedding stationary business. I design logos/websites/print pieces for my clients and I offer really reasonable rates to fellow vendors - I work around your budget. 


I offer hosting at $5/month (billed annually at $60/year). I'll message you my website, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it publicly.


ETA: There are no ads - you purchase your own URL and it's YOUR site.


Well I see a bunch of other links here - my business website is www.crystalcleardesign.com. I offer my services to all of you.  :)


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