There are many in the wedding business that want to have an excellent relationship with their clients. As a photographer, I find it crucial. It enables one to capture those timeless moments that fly by on a wedding day. With a good consultation, emails and phone calls you can build toward a very special event. This has always provided me with stellar images. Making people at ease and laugh should never be underestimated on a stressful wedding day. Excellent people skills can go a long way.  I still have the passion after years of shooting.  For examples go to


Chris Chavira

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Good post! And oh so very true! It's also why I emphasize to brides and grooms the importance of engagement pictures... not only does it introduce you to the couple, but it helps build that relationship... walking into a hectic wedding day, without the preliminary relationship building could very well be awkward...

Thanks for the post!
As a photographer I feel there is a distinct connection between getting good images and being in a good relationship with the client. My favorite images have come from wedding that by the time the wedding ended, I would have called the couple friends. You are definitely right.
The relationship starts at the time you meet with your client at the consultation. My advice is to listen to what your potential client wants in their photography! Alot of us listen to respond when we should listen to understand. Ask alot of questions that will give you insights on what gets them excited about pictures!
I agree 100%. Having a confidence through a good bond with your photographer makes you way more comfortable and trusting of them when they take your special day memories into their hands. My best friend did our engagements and I have never felt so safe. You can definitely see the stark contrast when someone you don't trust or know well takes your pictures. You can visually see the difference as well as feel it.
Amen - that's why branding for photographers is so crucial - the more selective you make your branding (filtering out potential customers that aren't "you") the easier you bond and meet customer expectations.
I totally agree with this. Finding couples I click with is why I love my job.
A relationship needs to be there between photographer and couple, as a photographer i see it as my first job to create that bond / friendship so the couple can relax with me, this allows the couple to be more intimate and create better images.

I couldn't agree more, Chris! My husband and I are wedding photographers as well and there is never a couple whose wedding day we don't fully enjoy when we have a genuine connection with them. They are comfortable with you, you're comfortable with them and it truly creates the best environment for capturing those genuine moments. Thanks for the post! It is a topic I think many brides will enjoy reading and thinking about.

It is very good, when photographers love enjoy pleasant minutes of the clients. It is very healthy. Such attitude speaks that you professionals.
Great Post Chris : ) when my husband and I started shooting weddings in 2008, we were so nervous when meeting potential clients that it seemed like we scared them away, and I did not notice what we were doing wrong!? We told ourselves that we just needed to relax and have confidence in ourselves to build a good relationship with these clients, and when we did, there was a great outcome. We even found ourselves an hour later talking with our clients about non-wedding related subjects like we had known these people forever! : )
I couldn't agree more.

Thanks for the well written post!
I think I kind of disagree a bit here .... while its generally a great idea for any client to bond with his or her vendors, question is; really how does this help create better wedding photographs?
Mind you, I don't have a problem bonding (I normally get brides craking up with laughter with just the first phone call), however I can assure you, this doesnt in anyway aid the quality of the images I produce. In fact the only time I have real interaction with the couple on the day, is during the bride and groom portait sessions, which for me depend more on my understanding of light and posing skills. The rest of the day I'm pretty much far away from the couple with my zoom lens.

Am I missing something, or is this just some overhyped comment?



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