There are many in the wedding business that want to have an excellent relationship with their clients. As a photographer, I find it crucial. It enables one to capture those timeless moments that fly by on a wedding day. With a good consultation, emails and phone calls you can build toward a very special event. This has always provided me with stellar images. Making people at ease and laugh should never be underestimated on a stressful wedding day. Excellent people skills can go a long way.  I still have the passion after years of shooting.  For examples go to


Chris Chavira

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Thanks for your input Obi. No, I don't think your missing anything. There are different types of brides and many different types of photographers. I know many shooters that capture the day using your approach. Because of lighting and situations on a wedding day the odds are greater if you can influence the situation and use your eye to capture or make the light you need for the shot.
The following is an example of a posed candid. The client would have not come up with the idea for this situation or know about lighting. Balancing fill with natural. In my eyes this would have been a missed opportunity. From time to time my clients pay and expect me to direct. Much easier to give direction to someone who trusts or feel a bond with you in some way.


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