Whether the precious memories of your wedding day are captured skillfully will depend directly on your choice of a wedding photographer. Photographs are the closest thing we have to preserving the special events you never want to forget. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. In light of that, working with a professional photographer on your wedding day will ensure that you have something wonderful to hold onto and share with your friends and family. They will be a lasting testimony to you and your spouse’s love for one another for the rest of your life together.

When considering a wedding photographer, keep these points in mind: this is not the time to pinch pennies. This is one of the most special events in your life, and you expect to remember it perfectly. However, the only way to preserve the memories are through the photos!

You may have children, you may live in several different locations and you may have several different jobs during the course of your lifetime. But the only thing that will remain as physical evidence of all the fun you have in life are the photos.

Not everyone who holds a camera can call themselves a professional photographer. Your wedding deserves the perfect shots.  For this reason, when selecting a photographer, note the following things:

1. Experience: The more experienced the better.

2. Cooperation and team work: It’s great when a photographer works well as a team with the videographer, the organizer and the guests and groomsmaids and bridesmaids.

3. Photo quality: Before you make a decision, be sure to review the photographer’s work. You should not only look at great photos a given photographer has taken. Look at the entire collection of a few weddings. Take a look at the candid shots of the guests and the event, not just the traditional family shots. This is important!

4. Editing: Make sure that your photographer does color correction (see examples of color correction) and doesn’t charge an additional cost.

5. Shooting style: Photographers can work in different styles, so choose those who are closest to your heart. My style is wedding photojournalistic.

6. Time: Photo sessions depend on the wishes of the couple and the general goal. If you want a beautiful production shot, prepare to spend at least four hours shooting. It seems like forever, but you’ll see how fast time flies. Keep in mind that the best photos need lots of natural light – this is one of the most precious treasures for a photographer.

7. Attention paid to guests: It’s necessary that a wedding photographer pay attention to guests for a short time and take a couple of photos of each. Often, when looking through the photos after the wedding, we find that some of the guests do not appear in any photographs.

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