I'm still learning about facebook and I'm curious why a vendor would specifically request you return a like from your personal page.  Is there an advantage of receiving a personal like verses a business like?

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Hi Nature Favors,

When you "like" a business from your fan page you are then able to see what they post on your news feed, but it will not show as a "like" for their business. Another words, it will not add a plus one number to their like count. Likewise the same for your business, so if it's important for you to have your prospects go on to Facebook and see that you have many "likes" then you also want to make sure you are requesting people to like from their personal or you will not see your number of "likes" grow. How this helps!! Have fun with Facebook!

I did not know that.  Thank you for the explanation, makes sense. 

Interesting!  Thank you for the prompt response.


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