I'm looking put together an email series to help brides see the "why" of the different areas of the wedding industry, so they can better understand which professionals to set aside money for (and how much to set aside) and which parts of wedding planning they can reasonably tackle themselves or with the help of a talented friend.


Wedding professionals, I need your help. Pretend I'm a friend of yours - newly engaged - who, despite being friends with you, is feeling too poor to pay for services in your category (and you're really too far away or busy or hurting for money to offer to do it for free). As a professional, you would hate to see me delegate this responsibility to someone who might do the job poorly, and you want to convince me that your type of services are worth setting aside the money for. How would you go about your sales pitch? Do you have horror stories to share of others who have regretted not hiring you (or someone in your field) for their wedding? What is the vision you want your customers to catch for their wedding when they hire you; why do you do what you do? Are there long-forgotten meanings or history behind the traditions involved in your specialty that your potential customer might be interested in knowing?


I can't wait to hear from you, and feel free to add this information (with credit given where credit is due - we all appreciate a little free advertising!) to your business's strategy of partnering with other wedding vendors in your area.


Melanie Perkins

MPCreations Custom Invitation Design & Calligraphy


By the way, I hope a wedding officiant will be included in those who respond to this question; I imagine with the decrease in the population of those accustomed to the church setting, it's becoming more common to skip this "formality" in favor of a Justice of the Peace. How do you respond to those leaning in this direction?

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