Why someone need to buy cheap and horrible imitation China product when you can by original Porcelain

The Italian Favors

Be careful, some vendor try to sell product that they call "Capodimonte Porcelain", but these are a cheap and horrible China Product, not handmade but Industrial products.

The problem is for the poor customers, because they see the price (a very cheap price) in category like "capodimonte porcelain" and buy it, so when the products come at your house you're very disappointed about that fraud sale, because you don't need an expert to understand how is bad and cheap this product and also your guest may understand this. But sometime or you don't have other time to buy other Bomboniere or the seller don't accept return and......That's It.......

Our company is at the service of the Capodimonte tradition to promote the art of its porcelain in the world.
The Italian Favors selects and gathers only the best artists and craftsmen of Naples, the ones who, through a series of processing steps very strict and precise, obtain a smooth ceramic without any kind of imperfection and with a unique variety of shades of color. By this careful selection a distribution of exclusively high-quality products signed and certified as "Made in Italy" under the brand name of "Capodimonte" can be guaranteed. We don't sell reproduction or China-made items.

You found here the Italian Wedding favors, Baby Shower & Bridal Shower Favors, Communion & Christening Favors and all the Italian Gifts in Original Capodimonte Porcelain from Italy


Elegance, exclusivity and seriousness are our hallmarks.


If you want understand the fraud "Capodimonte Porcelain" please send us an email and we can send you some picture to understand the difference.

Remember all the Porcelain made in Capodimonte di Napoli have a special brand,

the problem sometimes the Chinese reproduced also this, be careful.

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