Would you want your dress designed and made or buy one from a bridal shop?

I cant decide if i would rather have my dress custom made or just buy one... I think that with one being made i wouldnt have to go searching for one and I can get it how I want it... anyone had any experience with this??

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Should price matter ??


Hi Alexandria!  

We make Custom Gowns and have our own Gowns for sale in our showroom.  Custom is a great option if you aren't finding the exact style combination you're looking for out there, or you know it doesn't come in your size, the color you're looking for, etc.  Being able to watch a gown go from sketch to finish is great fun for a creative person and being able to choose every single detail the way you want it is the biggest benefit.  

If you want to put on a gown and fall in love on the spot, then shopping at a Bridal Shop is the way to go.  


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