Would you Wear a Wedding Dress Color other than White?

It appears that designers for 2012 are showing wedding dresses in shades of taupe, blue, green, pink and red.  Do you think the tradition of a white wedding dress must be followed or is our society changing? Would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

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no, I think the white is the  only choice of my dress
I think a little splash of color in a white dress makes it more interesting!...
I's with Vanessa a splash of another color does make a wedding dress more interesting; I just recently saw one with a splash of red and the dress looked dramatic and beautiful
I have seen white, ivory, and even ruby red with a white lace overlay to mute out the red. I think our society is transforming and brides are going to do what they want to do. Color is not taboo. I believe it is up to the bride. Do you want to go traditional? Or, do you want to go trendy? Totally up to you. It is your day to enjoy! I say, enjoy it! If you like color, spice it up!


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