A lot of the vendors with whom I work are not fans of Yelp.  I actually love the site and believe in its value, but was totall caught off guard by a review on there today.  Does anyone have strong opinions about Yelp, as business owners, one way or the other?

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I am not so familiar with yelp. Don't feel turned down by a review or two, do what you feel is right, some reviews are just posted to get advertising revenue or just posted out of frustration, so don't worry about it so much.....

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I'm on yelp but as of right now I have not received any business benefit from being listed

I had tried it long ago, and I also did not get much response, but I guess the key to succeed is patience, and to keep trying it again and again.....I hope and pray something works out for you dear.

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Caren, I know that I'm upset with them right now, but that's no reason to not help you:)  Have you taken part in any of their webinars for small business owners?  If not, I suggest you do.  I get a lot of business and hits to my website from Yelp.  I believe it's because I took their free advice about how to properly develop my page. 

No I was not unaware they offer any free webinars - however I am happy to look into any programs they have for small businesses starting out

Our company used to love yelp...but after reading this article from Huffington Post, we are definitely no longer fans:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/28/yelp-reviews_n_985513.html...

Every time we get a 5-star review, they immediately "filter" the review.  We have also complained about a review that violates the terms of service, but they won't filter that one.  It has been really disheartening. 

Thank you for the article, Jaclyn.  I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one w/a terms of service complaint about which they cared absolutely nothing.  It is disheartening because I've always been a big supporter of theirs.  I appreciate the feedback.

I am not fond of yelp, and haven't listed myself there accordingly.  Now, it's not because of the possibility of a bad review.  Bad reviews can happen anywhere on the web- there are a lot of places for cranky people to vent out.  It's because Yelp has had some shady things going on with regards to which reviews get filtered out, and which ones stay in.  There were some articles about it.  I'm just staying away from that.

Unfortunately, Angela, we as business owners cannot control whether or not we are listed on Yelp.  If one of your former clients wants to review you on Yelp, all they have to do is enter your business name and start writing.  Isn't that something?

Do NOT Pay for Yelp everyone!   Just an fyi:

They have called us out of the blue several times offering us the ability to control, erase, feature etc any review on our page IF we pay them anywhere from $300-500. a month!  It's extortion.  Literally they are being sued by several class action parties over this.  

If you don't pay they claim that the 'algorythm' automatically filters reviews.  They also do not honor their own Terms of Service.  No integrity whatsoever from the people who own and run Yelp.  

Wow!  They flat out said that to you on the phone?  Bold!

That's the thing, they cold call and it's all on the phone no paper trail.  Each time I asked them to send me the info via email or snail mail because I"m busy and nothing happens.  They know they're doing something wrong!


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