It takes us three months to plan our expos. A lot of work goes into them and we don't get paid for them because the charges we make are to cover the cost of expenses.

What is your take on expos?

What will make our events more eye catching and get more brides and grooms to register early?

Any opinions or advice would be appreciated from other vendors and brides & grooms.

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I love expos! That's where you meet potential clients and network at the same time. I've attended and participated in a few events and expo so an advise I can give is to think about custom decorations from a vendor that"s already attending the expo ex: Moments of Glitz! This way you and the vendor have double the exposure. I'm available to participate and decorate (at no cost to you)
Every EXPO is different. As vendors we do them mainly for visibility and getting our name/business out there. Brides and grooms register in waves - many wait until the last minute. I believe the more advertising and outreach you do to create exposure, the better. But, for the most part, attendees will still wait until the last minute to register. Using a lot of dfferent avenues for advertising - such as social networking sites, online marketing, etc., will help to promote the EXPO. With your vendor booths, the more eye-catching and the more you offer as incentives or freebies to brides/grooms the more they will want to come to your booth. Then you have about 30 seconds to really sell them. We do not do EXPO's because we expect to make a profit. However, it would be be nice to cover the cost of our expenses. But, sometimes it is just about creating visibility. The more you are in the public eye, the more you create visibility and eventually you will see the benefits of the business you have been working so hard to sustain.


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