What are your favorite wedding blogs?

Mine include:
2000 Dollar Budget Wedding
Broke Ass Bride
Blogger Brides
DIY Bride
Bride Tide

Please share yours! :)

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Good Morning, ladies and gents. Could I ask of you all a favor? I have a new logo on my site that I'm very pleased with and I've made some other nice changes that I really like. I think it looks softer now, too. Well, that's what I think. As as you all know our industry craves the opinion of others, at least we're OPEN to suggestions, so that we can make improvements.

So, I'm open for suggestions. Also, please, I'm looking for comments to post to my blog.

To introduce the history of what I do, Ribbonwork, I thought that would be a very interesting and informative way to open up comments and suggestions. The history is amazing, really. But, like I say, Comments From All Of You would be fabulous. Especially if we could tie together our information so that we would both come up in the Googled searches.

Thank you, Christine, for opening this door for us!!
Michele Eddins
Floral Compliments

I also love Broke Ass Bride and Bride Tide.


Others I love:

Once Wed

Eat Drink Chick- not a wedding blog mostly but it has so many cute ideas that one can use for their wedding!


I just love wedding blogs! I am so excited to check out the ones here and others' blogs in this group :)

My favorite is Waterside, www.weddingswaterside.com, of course :)  And I love Brooklyn Bride, Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Snippet & Ink, Ritzy Bee.

Have a great day! 





I have a new wedding blog all about the "Headpiece."  I would love some input.  Please check it out.




Thank you.  I love the wedding community.


My background is in both weddings and eco... hence my blog is a mix of the two to a great extent, but I find that there are few blogs who really take eco and make it pretty beyond a "lodge" style (which doesn't really appeal to me). Pretty much Green Wedding shoes is it other than Tapestri. I love wedding gawker, which isn't a blog, but is my go to for inspiration... and then 100 Layer Cake, Love and Lavender... It is nice to see more weddings on the "big" sites going the green route though :)

Some wedding blogs I love: A Practical Wedding, Kiss My Tulle, Broke Ass Bride, The Charity Wedding, and of course I love my own, http://www.bluecollarbride.com

Oh I have a lot! Of course I'd be a little bised; 

Everything Weddings And More

Aisle ready

Chic Brown Bride


Boho Weddings

Green Wedding Shoes

I have a wedding blog called Wedding Thingz. Please check it out. Inspiration is provided for ALL weddings!


I am also sponsoring a bridal show in the Philadelphia area called the Philadelphia Bridal Ball. If you're in the area check us out. 


Other blogs that I love are:

Style Me Pretty

Wedding Bee

Chic Brown Bride

One of my favorites is Wedding Gawker.....they have so many blogs on one site.

thanks for sharing

These links are all very old! Does anyone have some new ones?

I found this blog which has some good suggestions for first dance songs:


I'm not sure about all of these, but I like All Of me and Let's Stay Together.

They have an "Ideas & Advice" tag on the blog with some other top tips. Not just songs but how to pick a band or a DJ, how to plan your wedding reception music, and stuff like that.

Does anyone have any other good links?


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