Everything you will possibly need to know about picking out the perfect bridal jewelry piece!

4 simple rules to follow:

1. Your opinion is the only opinion that counts.

Planning your wedding should be a joyful experience for the bride, her family and her close friends. Yes, the opinions of others count, but in reality the right decision is the choice that makes you, the bride, happy. 

2. Pearls will never go out of style.

A set of cultured freshwater pearls will never go out of style.  A pearl necklace is the most popular bridal jewelry piece and often becomes a tradition passed down from generation to generation. So why not start your family tradition today!


3. Simple is best (when it comes to bridesmaid’s jewelry).

Simplicity is best when choosing jewelry for your bridesmaids.  Floating style necklaces are the hottest bridesmaid jewelry pieces on the market today. The Bridal Jewelry Store offers over 100 pearl and Swarovski color combinations providing you with a classic and simple look that can match any dress.


4. Make it about you!

You are the center piece of your wedding day so the jewelry worn by your bridal party should reflect your style.

Necklace style for your neckline

V-Shaped - 'Y'-Shaped necklace

Strapless or Low Neckline - Chocker, Collar or Multi-strand necklace

Sweetheart - 'Y'-Shape or Long Length necklace

But remember – pearls are attractive with every neckline



Pick the right color metal to accent your dress


Sterling silver, silver plated or rhodium plated. Depending on the details in the dress, antiqued silver may compliment your gown. 


Gold or gold plated. The yellow tones in the gold with bring out the cream undertones in your dress.   



Either gold or silver will be a great choice 


What about some color?

There is such a thing as being too 'Matchy-Matchy’ which involves too many of the same types of colors in your selection.  Picking out the right gems, stones, or pearls for your jewelry can become a complicated process.  The Bride’s jewelry should accent her dress and the dresses of her bridesmaids. Crystals now come in hundreds of colors and blending these colors fashion a great visual effect that will create harmony in the colors you select for your big day. The Bridal Jewelry Store offers many custom made pieces to order or you can call for a phone consultation to get the exact look you desire.

What is this AB I see?

AB is a sheen applied to crystals to give them a reflective rainbow effect. Most pieces are offered in Clear and Clear-AB.  This sheen is occasionally available on black or other dark color crystals.  AB is also referred to as 'satin'.

Don't forget your wrist!

Although necklaces and earrings are commonly purchased as bridal jewelry pieces, a bracelet is an accent that can complement any dress style.

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