Jewelery for a bride with  wedding dress, you can go with big startling
pieces. Go on with the dazzling diamond earrings with a corresponding
tennis bracelet and a delicate pendant. If you are buying jewelery
looking at your budget then you can get the same look for a fraction of
the price with stunning  versions of antique jewelery pieces. If your
dress is sort of sleek it’s little trickier to get a right balance, as
this elegant creation that characterizes the modern wedding. To soften
the modern look of your dress you might choose traditional jewelery to
contrast with. Pearls have an enduring grace as they are a perennial
favorite of blushing brides.

Of course at the end the most important jewelery on the big day is necklace. It is a very important part of bride's jewelery. Necklace comes in eyes of everyone so, it should be very special.It should be elegant and fashionable.
Antique Necklace

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Hi Caithy, I liked your post. I acutally make jewellery and find that depending on the style of dress or even the cut of the top, not every dress can take a necklace or even jewellery as a whole. If I can suggest anything, would be 1) allow the bride to decide if she wants 1 or two items (necklace, earrings or bracelet) and 2) the thickness.

I've noticed that some brides who do go for that necklace, end up purchasing it, and it then doesn't match the cut of the dress or is extravagant and leads to some ill decisions. I think the wedding band is the most important piece of any bride or groom's apparel and the pieces to be "accessorized" ought to be smaller and classy.

Hopefully there's a happy medium somewhere in this!

Yet thanks for the opportunity to share my take!


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Wedding is the most memorable day for each one , therefore, wedding planning must be memorable, enjoyable, and wonderful also. Let's cheer up, enjoy your wedding and others also. Be sure it's important for you all because its happens only once in life.



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