How are you using Twitter to promote your business?

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I just started our twitter page. So I am a bit new to it. However the advice I recieved from a collegue was to add the things I was working on because people seem to really be interested in what you are doing as a buisness owner. So I am doing just that. In one week he received 6 call for new customers. Thats pretty darn good.
Black & White, do share!!!
I'm gonna do by best to share as much as possible Arielle! We have to stick together you know!
How do you get the word out that you are on Twitter to your customers or potential customers? Also, has anyone used Facebook to gain new clients? I have a Facebook page, but not sure how to use it to attract customers.
Go to differnt groups on facebook that relate to your business and join in. Post info of your business on the Walls
I use Twitter and Facebook daily, but I haven't attracted new clients "yet" with those mediums. I am doing everything I can to linkbuild and promote my business. I guess time will tell.
Join the wedding planning community at Twibe on Twitter
Using a website, belonging to many wedding websites and lots of visability on the web, have worked best for my business.
What are some good wedding websites you would recommend?



Google bridal communities in your area and you'll find small sites with a ray of opportunities because not many vendors know about them.  As a bride to be, in addition to being in the biz, I'm always looking for small sites where vendors may offer better deals.  Cost effectiveness matters.  Surprisingly even to brides who don't really have a spending limit.

Networking, meeting new vendors/dealers, meeting potential customers (brides). We tweet a wedding timeline tip each day (and tell the brides they can get a free copy from our website)... we answer any question we can, we offer private "twitter sales" and discounts.

We had a "Twitter Tutorial" here at Get Married. Our marketing department taught us some various tips and tricks to really be seen. It has been very successful for us so far! Not only with generating business but also finding out some really great ideas throughout the country and connecting with some really great people. It becomes a "referral" business as well. Here are a couple of things to know:

1) Do not use Twitter as a direct sales tool. Twitter is intended networking and making announcements, keeping people up to date with your business.

2) Check out It is a great way to stay organized and it allows you the opportunity to set it up to your preferences.

3) Make use to use the search tool bars. The one at the top is good to use for vendors or states that you may want to connect with. You can put in SD (San Diego) and any user name with SD will come up. You can put wedding and any user with wedding will come up. There is also a search tool on the right side under favorites. You would enter key words like: Engaged, Wedding, Planning, etc. This will then bring up any tweet that has those words. The goal is to find the right people to follow.

4) Take advantage of @ and RT. If you read someone else's tweet and you want to share it, put RT before copying and pasting the whole thing, including the original tweeter's username into your tweet. (RT @GetMarried Jill Meister named EIC - Supervising Producer - Get Married TV on Lifetime). Also try and use @username when referring to client. That way, they know you are talking about them.

That is kind of the basic 101's. If interested I will post a couple other helpful hints and basic information.

Jena Dowdee
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