Hi all
I have written a Blog on Bridal Tweet about music selections for a church wedding.


My topic is regarding this dilemma:
To perform secular songs/contemporary songs as requested by the bride

as opposed to

The rules of the Church which do not allow the performance of any secular, or non spiritual songs

in the church.


If you are asked by a bride to perform (for example) "With a Little Help from My Friends" for the Bridesmaids entrance in a Catholic Church and you have asked the Priest and he states absolutely not...

and the bride is insisting upon it...


what would you do? My reply to my own situation is to have the bride please speak to the Priest or music ministry as the decision is not (for sure) that of the outside ensemble.


I welcome your feedback!



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Hi Lori

That's a great reply.
Yes of course they need to confirm this with the church!
Just today I had one bride say "it's my wedding" when I asked her if the Priest
would be OK to allow us to perform "She's Got a Way" by Billy Joel.

The reason the church (as it's been explained to me by Priest's in the Catholic church in particular)
do not allow the secular songs is that the lyrics of them do not connote anything spiritual.
I somehow cannot envision "She's Got a Way" as a hymn although your suggestion is an excellent one.
Oftentimes honestly the Priest does not even know what selection we are performing as a String Trio
because it is performed as an instrumental selection...no one is singing the lyrics.
I just really do not wish to offend any one in a house of God.

Thanks again for your reply!



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