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I am interested in connecting with other vendors, setting up a networking meeting, building relationships, I think it is important to work together especially in this economy.
If you are interested let me know and we will get a list going and then take it from there, we will determine when we meet and how often....

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Thanks for the connection. I would love to create a networking meeting, great idea!
This is a great idea...count me in!
This is great thank you, I hope to get some more interest and build this and maybe we can set a date for next month sometime?
I am still looking..... Kelly and Girls and Curls where are you located at?
I am interested. I am near Boulder.
ok we are getting there,,,, we have four of us now....
Depending on schedule always looking to network with new people, heck I'll even network with not-new people as well. ;-)
I would join you for some networking!
ok what do you say we get something on the books for this? how does July look for everyone? maybe we can meet at a coffee shop or something just to get started? who is in.


I was wondering if you are still interested In networking?


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