I need help!  Can someone please send me the link or direct me to where I can get instructions to make an inspiration board of my products.  I love how they look but I am having problems creating one.  Thanks so much for you help!


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I encourage to checkout TwoBrightlights. They have easy to create inspiration board -section. http://twobrightlights.com/features_CustomizableMarketingMaterials.php

Thanks so much, I will check it out.


www.dessy.com has a great inspiration template to put your product pictures. You can then save the board and they give you the code to post your creation.
Thanks so much Margaret!!!
Thanks for this link Niko! This is a site I didn't even know about! :)
You can register at  Bridalcamvas.com easy way to create inspiration boards.

Sign up with project wedding! They have an awesome inspiration board you can create your own very very easily!

Project Wedding

Hi there...

i have found that www.pinterest.com is probably the best way to create/ find inspirations boards

You just need to request to join and start pinning images :)

Also I have heard that Style me pretty offer a very similar tool on their site!

Good Luck!!  xx   


Try out Polyvore.  Best of luck.



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